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Residential Lawn Installation

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Synthethic Lawn Solutions

Synthetic Lawn Solutions

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Artificial Turf That Looks Better Than The Real Thing

Using an artificial field turf for sports activities will help you save water and maintenance expenses. In the past, sports fields have real grass but this requires manpower and money to maintain. The grass needs to be watered everyday especially during the summer season. It has to be trimmed regularly. During winter, it can be damaged by snow and you might need to rehabilitate it later.

Nowadays, synthetic grass has become the trend because it does not have to be watered or trimmed. It can withstand inclement weather. We choose the best artificial turf for the sports fields and we guarantee that it could last for many years. When you ask us to install artificial grass on your sports field, you are sure to get a superior field that can meet the needs of the athletes who would be using the field. With a synthetic turf, athletes can play regardless of the weather. We see to it that the turf that we install can absorb shock, does not cause abrasion, and it allows athletes traction and a stable footing. A sports field that we create for you will require very low maintenance and budget-friendly.

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Commercial Landscaping Solutions That Work

If your conference center stands in an arid land where planting grass will require frequent watering, your best option is to use an artificial turf. Greening the vacant spaces will be fast, easy, and cost-effective. Expert artificial turf installers from Scottsdale Turf Pros can finish the job in no time at all. We use only the best synthetic grass materials and we can assure you that it will last for many years.

Most companies prefer our services because their maintenance expenses for their real-grass lawns are reduced by several percents. You will not be paying for water and for a regular maintenance crew. After installation, all you need to do is to relax and enjoy resting your eyes on your green surroundings.

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School Playground

We are committed to providing schools with an easy-to-maintain, budget-friendly, and safe playground. We have a team of artificial turf installers that have successfully installed the best playgrounds around Scottsdale and in the neighboring areas.

Aside from having an evergreen and grassy playground, you can also save water and money. The synthetic grass does not need watering or trimming and it can take several years until a replacement will be necessary.

Office Establishment Landscaping

Does the space in front of your office look bare and unfriendly? We will be happy to install artificial turf on the bare spaces to improve the appeal of your office. Greening your surroundings is one way of showing your concern for your clients and your environment.


Scottsdale Turf Pros also installs artificial turf for paths and walkways. People love to take a walk on places with walkways that are grassy and green. It could be the pathways in the park or even in the front areas of big commercial establishments. Adding a patch of green to the bare and arid areas can make it an ideal place for people to relax and enjoy their day.

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With our professional synthetic grass installers, we will provide you with the most satisfying service that you look for.

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