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For avid golf players, practice is important in order to improve their skills. But for a lot of people, practicing in a golf course can be inconvenient and expensive. They have to drive or commute to the nearest golf course just to improve their swings and putts. If you have a spacious backyard, why not have an artificial putting green installed there? We are a company that specializes in creating synthetic putting greens where you can enjoy playing golf with your family and friends without having to drive to a golf course. Our experienced designers and installers replicate a real golf course and its conditions, such as bent grasses and other features of a real golf course.

We use high-quality synthetic grass to enhance your golfing experience. Synthetic putting greens are less expensive to maintain. The grass does not need watering several times a day and they always have that green grass color that is relaxing to the eyes. They are bent and soft and they give you a feeling of walking on real grass. We will set up your artificial course using the standards of the best golf courses in the world. You will find that the ball will roll the same way as when you are on a real course. Your ball will move at a good speed and you can do the pitches as if you are playing on a natural golf course.

Putting Greens Easier Than Ever

Aside from creating artificial golf courses, we have specialists in constructing artificial turf for your pet and play areas. We use synthetic materials that remain clean and dry under any weather conditions. Your pets and kids can play on the grass without getting mud all over them. When they enter the house, they will not leave dirty footprints on your floor.


Our artificial turf is designed to drain water easily so that your children and pets can play on it even after a heavy rain. The fact that you do not need to mow the lawn regularly or hire people to do the job for you will help you save time and money. The hours you spend on maintaining your lawn can be used to spend quality time with your family either at home or somewhere else.

Golf sides Field

Our artificial lawn installers see to it that the area will always be safe for everyone. We use synthetic grass that can reduce the impact of a fall. We clear the area of hard objects such as stones and tree stumps before we cover your lawn with our durable synthetic grass. We secure the seams so that the edges where each piece of turf meets will stay in place and will not expose some parts of the ground. This keeps the synthetic lawn dry and prevents mud and dirt from getting into the grass.

Folded Turf


For your putting green and pet and play areas solutions, you can rely on Scottsdale Turf Pro to provide you with the best solutions. All our materials are high-grade and they can easily last for many years. You do not have to worry about your water bill as well as other maintenance costs.

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