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Residential Lawn Installation

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Synthetic Lawn Solutions

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Synthetic Lawns That Look Amazing

Scottsdale Turf Pros offers residential services for the installation of artificial lawn for the homes in Scottsdale and the neighboring areas. Let us transform your bare front yard into a green and grassy lawn. Because we use artificial grass, you do not have to spend for the maintenance of your lawn, such as mowing. Once installed, you can enjoy it for many years.

There are also several factors that we consider before we do the artificial lawn installation. We check if the ground is stable enough to support the artificial grass so that it will not get dislodged when people or pets walk or run on it. We make sure that the ground is level so that your lawn would look natural. If the drainage is not good, chances are water will pool on your lawn and destroy what has been installed. This will prevent the grass from getting submerged in water or covered with mud.

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We also want to know how you will use the area so that we can choose the right materials. If you have small children and pets and if you play sports or hold events on your lawn, we will see to it that we use materials that cannot be easily damaged. We always guarantee safety and durability of the man-made lawn that we install.

Our residential artificial lawn installation is done by experienced and highly-skilled professionals in this field. Our team of installers has been doing the same job for years with great results. When properly done, you will be able to enjoy your green and grassy lawn for years. We can customize your lawn based on your specifications. We are here to provide you with a satisfying service. We are ready to listen to your suggestions and to follow them as much as possible.

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When we lay the artificial grass on your lawn, we create the borders that follow the shape of your yard. We see to it that the edges have grasses with the same thickness and length for consistency. We have experts in grass trimming who know that they have to do it right the first time to prevent replacing the grass, which can be a waste of time and money.

Since the artificial grass comes in rolls that are 2 to 4 meters wide, the installer must see to it that the edges are properly aligned to come up with a seamless result. Our team knows how to hide the seams so that your lawn would look like it is covered with a real grass.

Residential Lawns Will Never Look The Same

It is important that your artificial lawn is properly installed so that the edges and the seams will not become loose. You can just imagine a lawn with several patches of bare ground and green grass. You might need to have it fixed or replaced, which can cost you time and money. With our professional team to take care of the installation of your artificial lawn, you can just sit and relax as you watch them create a green and grassy lawn for you in just a few days.

If you think about improving the looks of your home, Scottsdale Turf Pros are always ready to do it for you.

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