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Finding the right grass field for whatever use is definitely not an easy task. Let alone maintaining it properly. Thus, it is easily understandable for homes or companies to use artificial grass. However, another problem lies in finding the right contractor to help you in installing them.

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Every client and every project differs from each other and we are happy to comply with each request no matter how big or small the project is. Scottsdale Turf Pros put premium on the satisfaction of our clients and no request is insignificant.

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We make fields for playgrounds, terraces, decks, and patios, dog parks, running paths, rooftop decks, golf greens, and pretty much for any occasion or purpose. The functionality of the field is one thing, but you can also trust us with aesthetics.

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Scottsdale Turf Pros puts value on our customers because without them we wouldn’t have been able to grow as a company. When requesting any service from us, you can make sure that we keep everything transparent with our clients. From the materials we use, the design, the permits, and everything else, the clients will know exactly what is going to happen. Do not like a part of it? Bring it up with us! We will be glad to discuss with you and make the necessary adjustments. After all, your satisfaction is our mission.

All of the plans we make, of course, only come after we have already discussed with you. If you simply just want your requested area to look nice but do not know exactly how to do so, then do not worry as we would not leave you empty-handed. Our experts are creative individuals who can easily suggest the best ones to use for your requested project.

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With Scottsdale Turf Pros, we make things easy for you. Needless to say, we are the leading service of Artificial Grass Scottsdale has to offer. Combining both functionality and beauty is what Scottsdale Turf Pros specializes in.

The best part of our service, however, is the price. After all, excellence does not necessarily have to break the bank. Our highest quality materials may cost a lot for you, but we double its effect in the way we maximize them when working on the project. On a limited budget? We can always work around with what you have and you can always expect the best end results.

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A synthetic turf or artificial grass can last about 80-100 hours of usage. After then, foot impressions on the field may feel unleveled or the fibers may not all be standing anymore. We would be glad to “renew” your field. We have the right grooming materials that would be perfect for any type of field. We understand that each field may be different due to different factors such as where it is placed, environmental conditions, and how it is used. Nevertheless, our team knows how to deal with such problems.

Maintenance and Repairs

As much as we would love to install fresh new artificial grasses and synthetic turfs, we still accept maintenance or repairs if you already have one installed. These artificial grasses and synthetic turfs in themselves are already low-maintenance which is a major reason for people having chosen them in the first place. However, time can still make some minor damages to the field. Grooming the artificial field can also be an area where it needs improvement on.

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